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      Members are being circulated with details of events as soon as possible.


  1. To exhibit your classic car, or a car derived light commercial for any show, please request an Entry Form from the Co-ordinator by email or telephone as indicated.
  2. Upon receipt, as soon as possible, please complete and return the form. Please be sure to enclose a 9”x 6” stamped and self-addressed envelope in which your pass will be returned. No envelope no pass! Should the entry list be full, you will be advised as soon as possible. A waiting list may exist.
  3. Please note there may be a closing date for entries. Check the entry form. If one is not stated, the latest date for receipt by the volunteer Co-ordinator is TEN DAYS prior to the show.
  4. Vehicle age. As a guide, many shows accept entries of Classics which have a minimum age of 20 years from year of manufacture. However, please check entry forms. Some shows stipulate higher ages.
  5. If you have any questions, ALWAYS check with the volunteer Co-ordinator of a Show.
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